article no.: 23779

0,3 m³ used glasfiber tank

Verbundstoff-u. Kunststoffanwendungstechnik GmbH


Grp – tank for treating of corrosive or aggressive fluids with hopper bottom. The tank was used as a evaporator vessel.

producer: Verbundstoff-u. Kunststoffanwendungstechnik GmbH
type designation: Kristallisator
condition: used
price 270 Euro EXW
Volume 0.3 m³ tank and hopper
Connections DN50 PN16 flange at the top the tank
Connections DN50 PN16 side flange connection
Connections DN25 PN10/40 side flange connection
Accessories DN40 PN16 flange at the bottom of the tank (e.g. as sludge extraction)
Diameter 800 mm total
Height 1700 mm total
Height 800 mm
Dimensions Höhe 900 / Durchmesser 600 mm
Material glas-fiber reinforced plastic (grp)

precipitation / flocculation

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