article no.: 24035

600 m³/h air used mass flow meter for gases

Bronckhorst High-Tec


Stainless steel thermal mass flowmeter for gases.Common Applications: e.g. as mass flow meter in pharmaceutical, chemical oder food industries.

producer: Bronckhorst High-Tec
type designation: IN-FLOW F-107C-HD-13-V
condition: used
price 360 Euro EXW
Volume flow rate 600 m³/h max. air equivalent
Pressure 4 bar p1 absolute
Pressure 4 bar p2 absolute
Pressure 40 bar leak tested
Material stainless steel
Connections DN80 PN64 In- and Outlet each
Length 200 mm total / fitting length
Width 200 mm flange width
Height 270 mm total
Weight 15 kg approx.


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