article no.: 24175

1,5 m³, 5,3kW Mixer used mixing vessel with mixer for high viscose fluids stainless steel


Dissolver for mixing of low- and highly viscous suspensions (e.g. coatings, colours, pigments or glue)

type designation:
condition: used
price 1480 Euro EXW
Volume 1.5 m³ mixer volume
Power 5.3 kW
Revolutions per minute 33.5 1/min min
Revolutions per minute 205 1/min max
Height 3250 mm total with drive
Diameter 1300 mm
Weight 750 kg approx.
Length 1200 mm submersible depth
Diameter 600 mm multi-blade mixing tool
Material agitator shaft and blade made of stainless steel
Connections fluid supply inlet 2x DN40 flange with armoured hose, 1x220mm pouder supply inlet, 1xDN40 flange, 1xDN25 flange
Connections emptying: 1x DN50 and 1x DN20 with pneumatic driven ball valve each, 1x DN40 at the hopper bottom
Further information drive equipped with electrically adjusting drive (0.7kW) and fan for coolin (0.4kW)

mechanical process engineering

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