article no.: 26311

2 x 6m³/h used chemical supply system for 2 IBC with air operated diaphragma pumps

Lotus Systems GmbH


Extraction cabinet made of pp equipped with PP-Pipes, drip pan and a membrane diaphragm pump. Former use as a storage for dangerous chemicals.

producer: Lotus Systems GmbH
type designation: 2xALMATEC A15 PTFE
condition: used
price 3840 Euro EXW
Dimensions length 2700/ width 1500/ height 2850mm total
Weight 750 kg approx.
Volume 0.5 m³ Drip pan
Material all parts made of PE / PVC / PVDF
Accessories 2 x diaphragm pump Almatec A15 ETZ-C2-D1, membranes made of PTFE
Delivery rate 6 m³/h approx. at 7 bar drive pressure and max. air flow
Accessories Drip pan installed
Accessories Valves, sensors, compressed air equipment
Further information doors made of PVC
Accessories switch cabinet
Accessories 2 x IBC

storage of dangerous material

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