article no.: 27011

2 x 20 l/h, 1 x 1 m³/h, 3,4 bar used dosing plant, chemical supply system, dosingstation with 3 dosage pumps


Mounted dosing station with 2 diaphragm pumps and one plastic centrifugal pump

type designation: 2 x JESKO Typ MK03A, 1 x Sondermann RMS-PPS-34/17-45
condition: used
price 990 Euro EXW
Accessories centrifugal pump for chemicals Sondermann type RMS-PPS-34/17-45
Power 0.37 kW electrical power consumption
Delivery rate 1 m³/h
Lifting height 34 m max
Accessories 2 pcs. diaphgram dosing pumps Jesko type MK03A
Delivery rate 20 l/h estimated
Dimensions length 1020, width 510, height 1950mm
Material all wetted parts made of plastic, pipes made of PVC

fluid transportation

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