article no.: 28031

1 m³ used insulated tank with electrical heating, stainless steel


closed double-walled insulated stainless steel container (without agitator) with hinged cover. Bath heater / temperature sensor / temperature limiter / level probe and temperature display device.

type designation: 18 x Rotkappe B-KB1000/3,15-230Ws
condition: used
Volume 1.0 m³
Tank bottom flach
Material Edelstahl
Connections 1x DN63 / 1x DN32 mm side
Accessories 1x level probe NS 3/6
Accessories 1x temperature sensor TF02-80
Temperature 0-100 °C
Accessories 1x temperature limiter B-STB80
Accessories 16x stainless steel bath warmers / heating rods manufactured by Rotkappe B-KB1000 / 3.15-230Ws
Length 1000 mm
Accessories Eurotherm 2408i display and alarm device for temperature and process measurements
Height 1150 mm tank
Height 1640 mm total
Width 1650 mm total
Diameter 1150 mm tank
Weight kg approx 450
Further information Bathroom warmers must be reconnected electrically

storage / conditioning of fluids

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