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9,5 m³/h used chlordioxyd plant for disinfectant production



Chlordioxyd elektrytical plant for bewerage industry.

producer: Fumatech
type designation: ECA 30 LSCH, MUNK E230 G50/60 WRG-TFMX
condition: used
Description Disinfection plant Fumagen – 30-LSHC. The system is designed in an open frame construction. Plant for electrochemical production of disinfection and membrane electrolysis.
Power Evaluation of plant performance during automatic operations
Voltage 25 A per electrolysis
Voltage 9 V per cell (displayed voltage 18.3 V)
Volume flow rate 200 l/h Volume flow anolyte
Volume flow rate 30 l/h Volume flow catholyte
Accessories Rectifier (MUNK E230 G50 / 60 WRG-TFMX)
– Evaluation device Hydrogen (Honeywell Zareba Touchpoint 1)
– Flushing valve air flushing / maintenance unit compressed air and automatic safety devices are contained in the control cabinet
Accessories system components
– 2x electrolytic cell FTEC-500-LS
– 3x dosing pump BWT Medo II (max 12 l / h citric acid / max 8 l / h soda / max 12 l / h circulation catholyte)
– 3x Grundfos centrifugal pump CR12-2 / max. 2.5 m³ / h (2x centrifugal pump electrolysis cell / 1x centrifugal pump suction brine tank)
– 2x hydrogen destroyer hydrocat
– 1x cleaning chemical tank (membrane cleaner)
– Prefilter / pressure reducer / control valves / temperature monitoring and degasser Katholyt
Dimensions total
Length 2500 mm
Width 650 mm
Height 1750 mm
Accessories Pumps to anolyte tanks
Delivery rate 54 l/h Max. / Dosing pump Eldos EMP III
Pressure 10 bar max.
Delivery rate 9.5 m³/h max / Centrifugal Pump Prominent Type 1820 PVDF / FK1
Lifting height 13 m max.
Power 1.1 kW
Accessories Centrifugal pump to catholyte container / Espa type Alfa 500M
Delivery rate 3.1 m³/h max.
Lifting height 35 m max.
Power 0.6 kW
Accessories Control box for tank control of the ECA system (electrical cable connection not connected)


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