article no.: 29013

ca. 5 m³/h, 0,75 kW used belt filter press, belt press



Belt filter press
The machine consists of a completely closed, strong sheet steel housing with synthetic resin coating, the lower part of which is designed as a filtrate collection basin.

producer: Klein-Fischbach
type designation: KS 5
condition: used
Accessories KLEIN-Siebbandpresse KS 5
Further information 500 mm width of the filter band
Accessories Getriebemotor, Typ DFT 80 N-4, SAW-Eurodrive
Power 0,75 kW
Height 1500 mm mound height
Length 2900 mm
Width 870 mm
Height 1980 mm
Weight 3000 kg approx. empty weight
Pieces 19 19 pcs. rollers

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