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1 m³/h, 4 kW used plastic centrifugal pump with pressure vessel

Crest Pumps


Designed to ISO2858 the ECC (close coupled) Plastic Mechanical Seal Pumps are heavy duty pumps.

producer: Crest Pumps
type designation: ECC 50-32-160
condition: used
Delivery rate 0.96 m³/h rated capacity
Delivery rate 1.44 m³/h max capacity
Diameter 170 mm Impeller Diameter
Material Stahl plastic parts are supported by a robust steel
Power 4 kW
Rotations 2900 1/min
Serial number RN 5778
Length mm
Height mm
Width mm
Weight kg
Accessories Pressure boiler, type SSE 10 vessels by Aesseal
Volume 10 l
Pressure 16 bar
Temperature -20 bis +100 °C
Material Edelstahl Container made of 304 stainless steel, surface glass-blasted
Serial number ACWO35689

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