article no.: 29101

19 m³/h used UV sterilization plant mounted a a plate with flow meter



UV reactor system mounted on PP board for wall mounting. Control cabinet with Siemens logo TDE text display, terminal box, flow meter, 3-way ball valve and UV reactor.

producer: DaRo
type designation: Serie 5 / 3 x 36 Watt UV
condition: used
– SS336SE5TXTM / 531050 Warehouse code / serial number
Power 19 m³/h Max. Flow
Pressure 10 bar total
Type of connection – Connection 2-inch BSP connector
Power 3x 40 W UV lamp (Philips TUV 36T 4P-SE 40W)
Length 850 mm
Power 145 Rated power VA (single-phase)
– 1.4404 / QTZ 36 Stainless steel reactor / quartz sleeve
Connections 2x DN50 flange
– – Inductive flowmeter Prowirl 200 from Endress + Hauser
– – 2x Pneumatic 3-way ball valve with position indicator by Endress + Hauser
Further information – PP piping in DN50
Dimensions – total
Length 2050 mm
Width 360 mm
Height 2100 mm


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