article no.: 29105

35 m³/h, 10 bar used backflow preverter for water supply units



System separator type BA300
System separator – Ductile iron
with backflow preventer on input and output side, 3 ball valves, drain valve
Flanges according to DIN EN 1092-2

for safeguarding drinking water systems against backpressures, backflow and back suction, for residential buildings, industrial and commercial purposes, horizontal installation position with drain valve downwards, discharge volume in case of failure: 35 m3 / h, 3 ball valves for connecting a differential pressure gauge

producer: Honeywell
type designation: BA300-65
condition: used
Volume flow rate 35 m³/h Max. Discharge amount in case of failure
Pressure 10 / 1,5 bar Max. Form / min. operating pressure
Temperature 65 °C total
Material – Ductile iron, powder-coated with Rilsan
Material – Drain Valve: Brass / Ball Valves: Chrome plated brass / Non-rusting stainless steel backflow preventer
Connections – Flange DN65
Length 350 mm
Width 190 mm
Height 450 mm
Weight 25 kg

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