article no.: 29197

54 m³/h, 10 bar used backflow preventer for water systems



System separator type BA298-80
To protect water systems against backflow, back suction and back pressure of liquids. The system separator according to the three-chamber principle consists of two non-return valves, a drain valve and three ball valves for connection of a differential pressure manometer.

producer: Honeywell
type designation: BA298-80
condition: used
Volume flow rate 54 / 35 m³/h Nominal flow at 1bar / discharge rate in case of failure
Pressure 10 / 1,5 bar Max. Form / min. operating pressure
Temperature 65 °C total
Material Edelstahl
Connections – Flange DN80
Length 350 mm
Dimensions 559 installation length

fluid transportation

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