article no.: 29301

438 m³/h 0,55 bar used 438 m³/h 0,55 bar rotary pisten blower



Rotary lobe blowers / Roots blowers from Aerzen with noise protection cover. (Sound insulation has been removed.)

producer: Aerzener
type designation: GM 7 L
condition: used
Volume flow rate 7.3 m³/min Intake volume flow
Pressure 1.0 bar Suction pressure
Pressure 0.55 bar Differential pressure
Power 11 kW drive
Rotations 2930 1/min drive
Dimensions 1600 X 680 750 mm L / W / H without sound insulation
Weight 415 kg
Connections 110 mm sucking side
Connections 80 mm forcing side
Further information – Year of manufacture blower blower 2011 / year of construction of basic carrier 1991


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