article no.: 29667

2,3 m³, 2 x 7,5 m³/h, 2 bar used pump station PP with 2 X centrifugal pump

Reinhard Krüger Kunststoffbau GmbH


producer: Reinhard Krüger Kunststoffbau GmbH
type designation:
condition: used
Volume 2.3 m³ pump station
Tank bottom flach
Material PP
– Block pump Munsch TNP-C 50-32-125 (2 x)
Delivery rate 7,5 m³/h
Lifting height 20 m
Power 1,5 kW
Diameter 1400 mm inside
Diameter 1485 mm total
Height 1500 mm Tank
Height 2000 mm total
Connections 1x DN50 / 1x DN63 / 1x DA110 / 2x DA40
Weight 125 kg Tank unloaded weight

storage / conditioning of fluids

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