article no.: 29733

1 m³ used plastic round tank with flat bottom and pH measurement / treatment tank / storage tank



type designation:
condition: used
Volume 1 m³
Tank bottom flach
Material PP PP-H
Height 1400 mm tank
Height 1800 mm total
Diameter 1200 mm tank
Width 1500 mm total
Connections 1x DN100, 1x DN80, 1x d50, 1x 160mm aside
Connections 3x DN100, 1x DN65 on top
Miscellaneous 2x 110cm / 50 x 50 (1/4) 2x exhaust air pipe / mounting hole
Accessories E+H Micropilot M FMR245 + Display FHX40 Level measurement with remote display
Accessories E+H Mycom S CPM153 pH/redox converter
Accessories E+H dipsys CPA111 Built-in fitting for pH/redox measurement
Accessories E+H Liquipoint FTW31 Level Meter, Conductive Level Detection

storage / conditioning of fluids

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