article no.: 29831

2,2 m³/h, 2,3 bar used eccentric screw pump



producer: Wangen
type designation: ESP
condition: used
Delivery rate 2.2 m³/h measured by pump test
Pressure 2.3 bar max.(measured by pump test)
Connections DN 100 Suction side
Connections DN 65 Pressure side
Dimensions mm
Length 1560 mm
Width 320 mm incl. stands
Height 300 mm incl. stands
Height 230 mm
Weight 170 kg approx.
Voltage 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Power 1.5 kW
Amperage 3,45 A
Rotations 1430 1/min
Defects leichte Stator / rotor not completely tight, power connection cover missing, terminal strip damaged

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