article no.: 29851

1,4 m³/h / 6 bar used Air operated diaphragm pump made of PTFE



An oscillating displacement pump. It works according to the operating principle of double diaphragm pumps. The use of an Almatec air-operated diaphragm pump refers to the pumping of liquid media.

producer: ALMATEC
type designation: FUTUR T 50
condition: used
Delivery rate 1.4 m³/h approx.
Pressure 6 bar Max. permissible drive pressure
Connections 1 “ Nominal connection diameter
Connections R 1/4 Air connection
Material PTFE
Suction head 3.5 dry
Suction head 9 filled
Weight 8.8 kg
Length 246 mm
Width 200 mm
Height 220 mm
Accessories Pulsationsdämpfer D 50 T Pulsation damper D 50 T
Temperature bei max 6 bar 100°C at max 6 bar 100°C

fluid transportation

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