article no.: 30155

0,38 m³, 40 Bm³/h (max) used activated carbon filter / exhaust air treatment

TS Umweltanlagenbau GmbH


PP adsorber with fan Helios RRK 250.
Previous use for NH3.
Can be filled with approx. 60kg activated carbon.
PP grid plate for a fleece (not available) as separating layer.
Chimney with weather bonnet.

producer: TS Umweltanlagenbau GmbH
type designation:
condition: used
Diameter 700 mm outside
Diameter 680 mm inside
Width 900 mm With connectors
Height 1000 mm Tank
Height 1500 mm with chimney
Connections DN 80 Exhaust air inlet – fixed flange
Connections DN 25 Condensate outlet
Connections DA 300 Filling hole on the side
Connections 100 mm Exhaust air outlet inside
Accessories DN 80 Shut-off valve

sieving / sedimentation / filtration

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