article no.: 30211

440 m² ; 8 bar used heat exchanger in steel tank; heat exchanger



Heat exchanger system made of PE-RT / 5RR, consisting of 5 heat exchangers installed in a steel tray. A heat exchanger consists of a total of 5 units. Drawings and static calculations are available on request. The system was in use for three years and is equipped with a level indicator.

producer: Calorplast
type designation:
condition: used
Pressure 8 bar Max. permissible operating overpressure at 20°C
Material – Heat exchanger made of PE-RT / 5RR
Further information 440 m² exchanger surface total
Temperature 80 °C water max.
Content 100 l per heat exchanger
Connections Water connections DN 40
Height 2000 mm Total steel tray
Width 3200 mm Steel tray total
Length 6500 mm Steel tray total
Weight 170 kg per heat exchanger
Weight 5500 kg Steel tray
Volume 39,52 m³ Steel tray

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