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190 m² used 800 PETKUS WUTHA chamber filter press with closed filtrate drain and automatic plate shifting

Petkus Wutha


800-chamber filter press with motor hydraulics, closed filtrate drain and automatic plate displacement. When the filtrate drain is closed, the filtrate runs through channels within the plate pack to the connections on the fixed stand.

producer: Petkus Wutha
type designation: KFP 800-16/100-30
condition: used
Plate dimension 800 mm
Material PP plates
Number of plates 97
Pate thickness 50 mm
Cake strength 30 mm
Filter surface 190 m²
Content 1.3 m³ volume filter press
Hydraulics motorisch
expiration of filtrate geschlossen
Pressure 400 bar max. closing pressure
Pressure 16 bar max. feeding pressure
Further information hydr. Lock (motor-hydraulically actuated with automatic repressurization)
– Drip tray (motor-operated, split version)
– Plate transport (motor-hydraulically actuated, automatic mode of operation)

Length 8410 mm total
Width 1580 mm total
Height 1950 mm total
Weight 6000 kg total with filterplates
Miscellaneous Light curtain / control for light barrier

enriching / concentration

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