article no.: 30231

18.8 m³/h used wastewater stage screen / fine screen system / filter stage screen



Step screen for separating dirt and suspended solids from wastewater. The screenings are transported step by step to the outlet by a moving set of lamellae. Suspended solids that are smaller than the gap dimensions are also transported through the screenings carpet.

The screen was overhauled in 06.2023.

producer: MEVA
type designation: RS 12-50-3
condition: used
Material Edelstahl
Gap width 3 mm
Power 18.8 m³/h Max. feed volume
Engine ABB M2BA 80M4
Voltage 400 V
Power 0.75 kW
Amperage 2.0 A
– Gearbox SWEDRIVE HE460
Length 2100 mm total (lying)
Width 600 mm
Width 800 mm with extensions
Height 900 mm
Weight 650 kg
Accessories Plates for adapting to channel width of 800 mm, covers, feet
Accessories 4 sprockets, 3 chains

sieving / sedimentation / filtration

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