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10 kg / 9000 m³/h Used Simag circular conveyor system / post-treatment system with basin and Hürner exhaust air system



The components of the system can also be purchased individually if required.

Simag circular conveyor system TAL 60 for removing rust from workpieces after thermal deburring.

Drahtgitterkörbe: 365x225x120mm
Conveyor weight: 10kg
Hanger spacing: 840mm
Chain speed: v= 0.1 to 0.7m/min infinitely variable
Universal joint chain: TAL60

Pickling bath tank 1 in safety tank PP

Tank VA-heated 6 heating rods 1.4KW with KKS ultrasonic immersible transducer
Year 2015
1000 Watt, 25 Khz
Tank size: 2700 x 600 x 550
Tank capacity: approx. 700 litres

Passivation bath tank 2 in safety tank PP

PP basin with rinsing nozzles, rinsing pump and filter
Basin size: 1800 x 500 x500
Tank capacity: approx. 400 litres

Rinsing bath tank 3 in PP safety tank

PP basin, heated, 15 heating elements 1.4 KW
Tank size: 4000x700x550
Tank capacity: approx. 1400 litres

Hürner-Funken exhaust air system

HF centrifugal fan with belt drive in efficiency-optimised “blue Hfan” premium design
Plastic centrifugal fan with housing made of PEs, RAL 7036, in sintered design, single inlet, inlet nozzle with seal as inspection opening, easy to dismantle, condensate nozzle at the lowest point of the housing,
Splinter protection in accordance with UVV as plastic-coated wire mesh.
Impeller with backward curved blades, statically and dynamically balanced, balance quality at least Q 6.3 (DIN ISO 1940 – Part 1), attached to the shaft of the flanged double bearing with a taper lock bush.
Fan frame in strong welded steel construction in galvanised design, with motor support plate and belt guard.
Fan frame suitable for holding the fan housing with impeller, the belt drive and the motor.
Type : HF R 500-15 RF (DS1)
Housing material : PEs
Impeller material : PPs
Casing position : GR 360
Suction diameter : 500 mm
Pumped liquid : Air
Ambient pressure : 101,325 kPa
Media temperature : 20 °C
Suction-side media density : 1.194 kg/m³
Volume flow : 9000 m³/h
Total pressure difference : 900 Pa
Static pressure difference : 799 Pa
Operating speed : 1097 1/min
max. permissible impeller speed : 1245 1/min
Permissible temperature range : 0 / 60 °C
Control type : Frequency converter
Operating frequency : 48.3 Hz
Inlet velocity : 13 m/s
Circumferential speed : 44.1 m/s
Sound pressure level Lp2A (1 m) : 69 dB(A)
Sound pressure level Lp2A (1 m)* : 70 d
Sound power level Lw6A : 85 dB(A)
Impeller efficiency : 80.1 %

producer: Simag
type designation: Tal 60 mit HF R 500-15 RF
condition: used
– Hürner-Funken Exhaust air system type : HF R 500-15 RF (DS1)
Volume flow rate 9000 m³/h

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