article no.: 30243

12 m² ; 15 bar Chamber filter press with high pressure pump



Chamberfilterpress 470x470mm with compressed air driven hyraulic

producer: MSE
type designation: KFP 470-25/20-GA4TD-HP
condition: used
Plate dimension 470 mm
Volume 54 l
Filter surface 12 m²
Number of plates 19+1+1
Pate thickness 45 mm
Cake strength 20 mm
expiration of filtrate geschlossen
Length 2400 mm total
Width 850 mm total
Height 1700 mm total
Weight 750 kg approx.
Pressure 450 bar max. closing pressure
Pressure 15 bar max. feeding pressure
Accessories Hydraulic pump and air-operated diaphragm pump TF100

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