article no.: 25475

6 bar bei 105 °C used immersion style heat exchanger



Immersion style heat exchanger for corrosive and aggressive media in etching or pickling bathes in the electroplanting industry.

producer: LPW
type designation:
condition: used
price 150 Euro EXW
Pressure 6 bar max. permissible working pressure at 105°C
Pressure 16 bar test pressure at 15°C
Material completely made of PVDF
Further information 4.89 m² exchanger surface
Temperature 105 °C water
Volume flow rate 2099 kg/h exchange media
Further information 110 mbar pressure drop
Connections water in- and outlet DN25 pipe is cut of
Height 450 mm immersion depth
Length 1600 mm
Height 1500 mm total with connections
Width 100 mm total with connections
Length 1900 mm total with connections
Defects leichte

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