article no.: 26435

EX-class II 2GDc IIB T80°C used dosing plant, chemical supply system for liquid solvents, dosing station for liquid solvents

Lotus Systems GmbH


Extraction cabinet made of stainless steel equipped with PTFE-Pipes, drip pan and a membrane diaphragm pump. Former use as a storage for dangerous chemicals.

producer: Lotus Systems GmbH
type designation: Purus Maxim, Almatec E15 UTZ PTFE
condition: used
price 3990 Euro EXW
Dimensions length 2000/ width 1200/ height 2500mm total
Weight 750 kg approx.
Volume 0.5 m³ Drip pan
Material all parts made of PTFE / PVDF / stainless steel
Accessories 2x diaphragm pump Almatec E15UTZ
Material diaphragm pump made of conductive PTFE
Further information diaphragm pumps explosion proofed II 2GDc IIB T80°C
Accessories Drip pan installed
Accessories Valves, sensors, compressed air equipment
Further information doors made of stainless steel
Accessories switch cabinet
Accessories 2x Pall filters made of stainless steel
Accessories stainless steel tank 200l

storage of dangerous material

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