article no.: 27445

used sealing system for sliding ring systems

Eagle Burgmann


producer: Eagle Burgmann
type designation: TS1016/A007-00
condition: used
price 760 Euro EXW
Content 8 l volume of vessel
Content 0,2 l volume of tube
Pressure 16 bar total pressure
Temperature -60 bis +200 °C
Volume 1,3 l working volume
Power 0,3 kW Cooling capacity without cooling water
Power 1,2 kW Kühlleistung- natural circulation
Power 2,5 kW Cooling capacity Forced circulation
Delivery rate 2,5 m³/h required cooling water quantity
Material 1,4571 EDS metallic parts
Material (Sight glass) Round borosilicate
Accessories supply pump Typ: SPU2040/A006-00
Pressure 40 bar
Temperature +150 °C
Delivery rate 50 l/min

mechanical process engineering

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