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75 g/h used dosing plant, chlordioxyd-plant

Pro Minent


A water treatment with the chlorine dioxide system can be easily and safely integrated into any process. The plant produces a 2% chlorine dioxide solution. The chlorine dioxide is formed by a mixture of hydrochloric acid and Natriumchloisitlöung, which is dosed immediately after its formation (by means of reactor and mixer) to the treated water. The system was converted from CDVA 60 to CDVA 120. (Electrical connections have to be re-installed)

producer: Pro Minent
type designation: Bello Zon Typ CDVa 60 (120)
condition: used
Power – Performance data according to test protocol (type CDVA 120)
– 75 g / h (set value)
Delivery rate 1000 l/h Flow rate bypass
Delivery rate 700 l/h bypass monitoring
Delivery rate 220 ml Discharge dosing pump acid
Delivery rate 220 ml Discharge dosing pump chlorite
Further information – List of the individual components of the CDVA
– Prominent control Bello Zon
– – Jumo paperless recorder (Logoscreen 500)
– – 2x magnetic dosing pumps (Prominent gamma / 4) with suction lance
– – reactor
– – bypass monitoring
– – prominent D1C chlorine dioxide data logging
– – Flow monitoring of dosing pumps
– –
Further information Accessories of the entire system which can be integrated with the continued operation of the chlorine dioxide system or otherwise. (Entire system mounted on stainless steel frame, such as pumps and control cabinets)
– – 1x Grundfos centrifugal pump (stainless steel pump head)
Lifting height 50 m
– – 1x dosing pump Sigma
Delivery rate 690 l/h
Pressure 7 bar
– – 1x Stübbe centrifugal pump (Mat 32-120)
Length 2100 mm
Width 350 mm
Height 2250 mm
Further information – Mixer has to be replaced (SEE PHOTO)


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