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EUROWATER electrodeionization unit



EDI system mounted on steel frame for the fully automatic production of ultrapure water. Normally, the system is operated following a UO system.
The plant consists essentially of:
1.The EDI system consists of 3 parallel stacks of the type MK2E (total of 6 stacks and 2 centrifugal pumps). Both roads are mounted on a common frame. one below, the other above in the frame.
2. Piping and EDI cells
3. Fittings, flow meters and centrifugal pumps

producer: EUROWATER
type designation:
condition: used
Description – Figures refer to one EDI each with 3 stacks and 1 centrifugal pump
– Stacks of EDI 1 exchanged for new ones on 03.07.15 / EDI 2 on 31.05.16
Volume flow rate 5.1 / 10.5 m³/h minute / Max. generated amount of dilute at 3 stacks
Volume flow rate 10.5 / 10.0 m³/h Permeate amount 1 limit value / 2 limit value
Volume flow rate 0.6 m³/h Concentrate per EDI 3 stacks
Volume flow rate 3.7 m³/h Max. Concentrate input at 3 stacks
Volume flow rate 0.46 m³/h approximately concentrate outflow at 3 stacks
Pressure 6.8 bar Max. operating pressure
Further information – 2x concentrate pump (Grundfos CHI 0.77KW)
Dimensions length1000 / width1100 / height 2000mm
Further information The system was already operated on an upstream reverse osmosis, and controlled by a central control cabinet at a water treatment plant
Length 1600 mm
Width 1400 mm
Height 2300 mm
Weight 1030 kg

sieving / sedimentation / filtration

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