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feedwater softening plant with pipe installation



The water softener was part of a large industrial water treatment plant without own control.

Consisting of steel pressure vessel / membrane degassing / frame with piping / valves and brine tank.
The softening is followed by a membrane degassing, which separates carbon dioxide from the water by means of a hydrophobic membrane with an air flow.

producer: EUROWATER
type designation:
condition: used
Accessories Accessories for the water softening system
Pieces 1 Steel pressure vessel coated with polyethylene
Content 33 / 250 l Support gravel 2-3mm / exchange resin
Pressure 6 bar
Temperature 35 °C
Diameter 550 mm pressure vessel
Height 1750 mm
Pieces 1 Bag filter / fine filter type EF-2/10 μ
Material PVC filter housing
Pieces 1 Diaphragm degasser made of plastic
– The membrane degassing consists of a pressure housing in which a hollow fiber membrane module is installed
Pieces 1 Compressed air valve terminal mounted on the frame for supplying the compressed air operated diaphragm valves
Dimensions 1600 / 900 / 2000
Weight 725 kg
Accessories – Brine container filled with salt tablets
Volume 0.35 m³ Effective volume
Height 1100 mm
Diameter 750 mm
Weight 380 kg
Further information The system was already operated on an upstream reverse osmosis, and controlled by a central control cabinet at a water treatment plant

sieving / sedimentation / filtration

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