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feedwater softening plant with pipe installation



The water softener was part of a large industrial water treatment plant without own control.

Consisting of steel pressure vessel / membrane degassing / frame with piping / and valves.
The softening is followed by a membrane degassing, which separates carbon dioxide from the water by means of a hydrophobic membrane with an air flow

producer: EUROWATER
type designation:
condition: used
Accessories Accessories for the water softening system
Pieces 1 Steel pressure vessel coated with polyethylene
Content 33 / 250 l Support gravel 2-3mm / exchange resin
Pressure 6 bar
Temperature 35 °C
Diameter 550 mm pressure vessel
Height 1750 mm
Pieces 1 Bag filter / fine filter type EF-2/10 μ
Material PVC filter housing
Pieces 1 Diaphragm degasser made of plastic
– The membrane degassing consists of a pressure housing in which a hollow fiber membrane module is installed
Pieces 1 Compressed air valve terminal mounted on the frame to supply the compressed air operated diaphragm valves
Further information The system was already operated on an upstream reverse osmosis, and controlled by a central control cabinet at a water treatment plant
Dimensions 1600 / 900 / 2000
Weight 725 kg

sieving / sedimentation / filtration

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