article no.: 29267

3 x 2,5 l/h, 18 bar, 7,5 l/h, 16 bar dosing plant, chemical supply system, dosing station with 4 dosing pumps


Dosing station with 4 Grundfos dosing pumps mounted on PP plate for wall mounting, completely connected with 3 suction lances.
Dosing station belonged to a low-osmosis system with antiscaling dosage. This prevents precipitation and deposits on the reverse osmosis membranes.

type designation: 3 x Grundfos DME2 18AR-PP/E/C, Grundfos DDA
condition: used
Description – Grundfos dosing pump DME2 18AR-PP / E / C
Pieces 3
Delivery rate 2.5 l/h Max. per pump
Pressure 18 bar
– Setting the stroke length
Voltage 230 V
Material PP pump head
Description –
Pieces 1
Delivery rate 7.5 l/h
Pressure 16 bar
– Setting the stroke length
Material PP pump head
Dimensions 1050 / 400 / 1200 mm

fluid transportation

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