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70-250 C° 343 l Inhalt used hot air sterilisator cabinet



Heraues hot air sterilizer for killing pathogens and bacteria. The sterilizer consists of a double-walled, heat-insulated sheet metal housing, door with unlocking, heating, fan and control cabinet.

Recirculated air: The circulating air fan draws in the air from the usable space via the heating and blows it back into the usable area when heated.

Fresh air: With fresh air, the fan blows air into the interior of the oven. The fresh air is drawn in with the circulating air by the circulation fan and blown into the usable space via the heating.

producer: Heraeus
type designation: ST4, 44 operating hours
condition: used
Temperature 70 -250 °C
Voltage 380 / 220 V Nominal voltage / control voltage
Power 8.25 kW rated capacity
Volume 343 l Usable space
Material Edelstahl 1.4301 / 1.4541
Power 0.11 / 0.75 kW Radiator fan / fan motor
Power 4.8 m³/min Air volume cooler fan
Width 1070 / 1350 mm without control cabinet / with control cabinet
Height 2200 mm
Depth 1100 mm
Accessories – Filter housing / pre-filter with pressure switch and filter mats (particle filter)
Accessories – Stainless steel attachments for front cladding to the ceiling (one-sided)


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