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ultrafiltration plant in 40 feet container


The ultrafiltration system is built in a 40-foot container.
The 8 UF modules can optionally be operated together as one line or in two lines.
The system consists of:
Raw water supply, pre-filtration, flocculation stage, ultrafiltration, backwashing and chemically assisted backwashing, neutralization, dosing stations, valve terminal, compressor unit, measuring devices, control and piping.

The raw water supply is regulated automatically, either via the fill level in the flocculation tanks or via the flow meter in the inlet for ultrafiltration.
Prefiltration via a self-cleaning filter with automatic control.
The flocculation can take place either in a tube flocculator or in one or two stirred tanks connected in series. There is also the option of connecting the tube flocculator and the stirred tank in series. A feed pump is provided at the outlet of the flocculation container.
The ultrafiltration group consists of 8 UF modules which can be operated together as one line or in two lines. The UF modules are provided on a UF rack, which has a compact but accessible structure for monitoring and maintenance activities.
The filtrate from the ultrafiltration is stored in a filtrate container. An overflow pipe ensures that there is always a sufficient amount of filtrate available for rinsing in the tank. The filtrate container is equipped with a ventilation filter to prevent contamination from the ambient air.
Backwashing by means of a frequency-controlled backwash pump is either time-controlled, when a maximum permissible transmembrane pressure (or minimum flux) is reached or triggered manually. The system is designed so that one line can be operated while the other line is backwashed or dry cleaned.
The wastewater from the chemically assisted backwashing – controlled by continuous pH measurement at the outlet of the UF backwashing line – is automatically diverted into the neutralization tank. The pH value of the waste water is continuously measured in the neutralization tank and adjusted to a permissible value by adding acids or alkalis.
The dosing stations are located in a separate chemical compartment of the container in the following version:
Dosing pallet with dosing pump and fittings firmly piped. The dosing plates are each equipped with a drip tray and transparent PVC splash protection.
Power each 1.1 kW, dosing container material PP
Dosing station flocculant – flow rate: 7.5 l / h, pressure: max. 16 bar, content: 400 l
Dosing station acid-alkali for pH adjustment – flow rate: 12 l / h, pressure: max. 12 bar, content: 400 l
Dosing station acid for CEB – delivery rate: 150 l / h, pressure: max. 4 bar, content: 140 l
Dosing station lye for CEB – flow rate: 150 l / h, pressure: max. 4 bar, content: 100 l
Dosing station NaOCl for CEB – flow rate: 17 l / h, pressure: max. 7 bar, content: 5 to 7 l
In the air-compressor unit, compressed air is produced for control air of the pneumatically driven fittings and for the membrane integrity test. The compressed air system runs on / off independently through the internally installed pressure switch.
The system is designed for automatic operation so that it can be operated on site without constant monitoring of the operating staff.

type designation: Containeranlage
condition: used
Pieces 8 Ultrafiltration modules
Filter surface 60 m² per module
Pressure 1.5 bar max. Transmembrane pressure (filtration)
Pressure 3.0 bar max. Transmembrane pressure (backwash)
Dimensions 1497 x 710 x 2400 mm UF rack dimensions
Description Vorfiltration / Pre-filtration Filter fineness <300 µm - Minimum differential pressure for flushing: 0.3 bar, max. flow rate: 40 m³/h - Accessories: differential pressure switch
Description Rohwasserzuführung / Raw water supply Tauchmotorpumpe, frequenzgeregelt, Fördermenge: 40 m³/h, Förderdruck: 2,5 bar, Leistung: 7,5 kW
Description Flockungsstufe / flocculation stage Flocculation tank (PP), 2 x 0.5 m³, feed pump, frequency controlled (40 m³ / h, 2.0 bar, 5.5 kW), static mixer (PP), pipe flocculator (PP)
Description Rückspülung / backwashing Filtrate container (PP) volume 4,7 m³, flow rate 115 m³/h at discharge pressure 3 bar, power 18,5kW
Description Neutralisation / neutralization Neutralization tank (PE), useful volume: 5.0 m³, shaft and agitator (steel coated), output 1.1 kW each
Description Steuerung / control PLC brand: PMA type T-Box, 15 “touch panel, remote control / remote monitoring

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