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30 m³/h, 3 m³ used chemical dosing cabinet with electric control



The cabinet is completely closed with cabinet exhaust air, supply air filter, compressed air unit as well as a chemical centrifugal pump and compressed air diaphragm pump. With the unloading module, the delivered chemical was conveyed through the filter into a storage tank.
The system is of very high quality and can be used for many chemicals.
1x centrifugal pump (manufactured by Richter type MNK-B / F-P 50-32-125) / 1x Almatec Futur 50T, valve and filter units, sampling box, flow regulator with pressure sensor, flushing with a spray gun, compressed air unit and electrical cabinet

producer: Kinetics
type designation: Richter Typ MNK-B/F-P 50-32-125, Almatec Futur 50T
condition: used
Connections – Chemical inlet on the side, exhaust air and supply air filter on the top
Description Richter MNK-B/F-P 50-32-125
Delivery rate 30 m³/h ca.
Lifting height 30 m max.
Power 4 kW
Description Almatec Futur 50T
Delivery rate 3 m³/h
Pressure 6 bar max.
Further information doors made of PVC
Dimensions Length 2100 / width 1050 / height 2100mm total with assembly without stand
Weight 600 kg approx.

storage of dangerous material

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