article no.: 29529

14 kW used automatic 6 stage ultrasonic cleaning plant for smaller parts in boxes



The 6-station cleaning machine was part of a lens processing process. As an intermediate process, it took over the necessary cleaning of the transport containers,
The cleaning process was carried out fully automatically from the loading station to the removal station. This function (station 1 and 6) can no longer be operated, because the systems conveyor belt is no longer available.

– Station 2: post-cleaning with ultrasound in heated cleaning liquid.
– Station 3: Rinsing with heated rinsing liquid, blowing off the residual liquid.
– Station 4: pre-drying with heated air.
– Station 5: Post-drying with heated air.
– Control: Siemens SPS S7-200

producer: GTB
type designation: 6S-SS/SP/TR-45
condition: used
Content 100 / 50 / 30 l receiving container 1 / receiving container 2 / detergent container
Pressure 5 bar compressed air connection
Connections 2x DN20 water connection / disposal connection
Further information 10 “ wrapping filter (filter cleaning / filter rinsing)
Voltage 3x 400 V power feed in
Power 7,5 / 4 / 14 kW heating output / heating dryer / total output
Length 2000 mm
Width 1425 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight 880 kg

surface technology

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