article no.: 29681

22000 m³/h used compact air scrubber / air washer / exhaust air system / gas scrubber for acidic gases



Horizontal single-stage exhaust air scrubber with integrated liquid tank, packing and mist eliminator for cleaning exhaust air containing acids and lyes. Principle: A scrubbing liquid is injected into the horizontally inflowing exhaust air in a circuit. Water-soluble impurities are washed out by adding alkalis or acids.

producer: MTK
type designation:
condition: used
Volume flow rate 22000 m³/h Air volume
Pressure 3000 Pa Pressure min / max
Temperature 60 °C Exhaust air temperature max.
Material PP Housing / piping
Accessories 2x circulating pump
Delivery rate 37 m³/h max.
Power 7,5 kW
Rotations 2930 1/min
Dimensions – Exhaust air scrubber
Depth 2630 mm
Length 3020 mm
Height 3700 mm
Content 5 m³ .tank
Dimensions 1900 x 1900 / 1000 x 1000 mm funnel air connection
Steering Simatic S7-300
Miscellaneous pH value measurement
– VSP 50 filling material
Temperature 60 °C


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