article no.: 30255

used wastewater treatment plant



Plant for the treatment of wastewater.

The system essentially consists of:
– 2 storage containers, 1 x with agitator
– 1 piece reaction container with agitator
– 1 dosing station with 3 Jesco pumps
– 1 piece pre-filter system
– 1 pc. Chamber filter press with 30 plates 470
– Various pump

The complete piping and cabling is in place so that the system
can be rebuilt ready for operation.

producer: AWA
type designation:
condition: used
Volume flow rate 1.2 m³ batch volume
Dimensions installation surface approx. 4x8m
Steering CPU S7 312, KTP 1000 DP TFT, Jumo 500 Logoprint
Rotations 74 1/min agiator
Delivery rate 80 l/h
Pressure 5 bar
Delivery rate 4 m³/h max. Almatec AH 15 – feeding pump
Pressure 7 bar
Miscellaneous The touch panel is currently under repair
Pressure 400 bar closing pressure chamber filter press

storage / conditioning of fluids

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