article no.: 29701

max. 12 Chargen/h, 120kg/Charge Roll Cleaning system


Aqueous multi-chamber immersion system Roll RUT with Ökomat and automatic loading and unloading roller conveyor incl. vacuum dryer.

The system consists of:
1 x RAV 1000 – ED 48 48kW / 70A heating capacity 48kw
1 x RUT 0067 – 048 – 030 – 6L 104kW / 200A heating capacity 18kW
6 chambers for
1. cleaning with aqueous solution hot, pressure flooding, oil separator, chip conveyor
2. cleaning with hot aqueous solution, filter circuit, oil separator
3. rinsing
4. hot rinsing
5. passivation hot
6. drying hot air basin
1 loading and unloading chamber
2 drums / 1 trolley

Batch size 670 x 480 x 300 mm (LxWxH) max. 12 batches/hour
max 120kg per batch
Cleaning agent: aqueous
Accessories: 56 stainless steel baskets

Complete documentation available incl. all plans and instructions, wiring diagram, plug diagram, parts lists, component arrangement and the accessory operating manuals mechanical and electrical engineering (3 folders)

ROLL cleaning system for rebuilding or for spare parts recovery
The plant has been in operation from 08/2002 until approx. mid-2010 and has been dismantled and stored since the end of 2010.

type designation: RUT mit Ökomat
condition: used

surface technology

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