article no.: 29771

6 bar / 7,3 l/min unused KRAL EKL / EKS 11 screw pump for pumping lubricating media



Kral pump station of the EKL/EKS series:

– Fuel oil transfer pump station with strainer for separation of contaminants in the pumped medium
– reusable metallic strainer insert
– lockable pressure gauge for operation monitoring
– Pump on base frame with oil pan

producer: Kral
type designation: KFN – 10.AAA,.001957
condition: used
Power 0,25 kW
Delivery rate 0.0073 m³/h
Filter surface 320
Pressure 6 bar
Temperature 150 °C max. Fluid temperature
Material – Ductile cast iron EN-GJS-100
Type of connection DN25 Suction side
Type of connection 22L Pressure side
Length 1000 mm
Width 440 mm
Height 440 mm
Weight 50 kg

fluid transportation

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