article no.: 29981

used cleaning and pre-treatment system with 4 immersion tanks and lifting crane


Function description:

Loading zone: At the loading area, a drum unit is loaded with the to be treated
filled with small parts. The system can also optionally treat racks with suspended parts.
Then the drum unit or the frame with the crane track
the individual pre-treatment zones.

Rinse 1 (or active baths)
Rinse 2 (or active baths)
Rinse 3 (or active baths)

fed manually one after the other.

Conveyor technology: The transport of the drum unit within the pre-treatment
system is carried out with a crane runway. This transports the drum unit/frame with it
of the goods through the individual immersion treatment zones. At the end of
treatment processes, the drum unit/frame is handed over to the delivery point.
When using the drum this is with an electric. Equipped with a motor that rotates the drum during treatment.

Immersion degreasing: In zone 1 (immersion degreasing) the use of
an alkaline degreasing agent/cleaner
its salts and surface-active surfactants are removed. The degreaser will
over several injector nozzles and the resulting bath circulation on the
Workpiece surface applied. Decisive for the effectiveness of the
fatliquor is in addition to the chemical components and the generated
bath circulation also the operating temperature of the degreasing bath. through the
operating temperature (55 +/+5°C), the chemical reaction processes of the
cleaner accelerates and the contamination is better removed from the workpiece
surface dissolved. Carryover and evaporation losses are caused by the
Balanced supply of city water. Any waste water is
suitable containers (IBC containers) buffered and a
Hand over to a disposal company for further treatment.

Rinse 1 – 3: In zones 2 – 4 (rinse 1,2 &3) adhering solution residues are removed
removed by the bath circulation generated by injector nozzles. The zones will
operated as a standing sink. carry-over and evaporation losses
compensated by the supply of city water. The sinks will vary depending on
Degree of soiling regenerated by partial discards or new batches.
The 3 rinsing baths can also be used as active baths.
The resulting waste water is stored in suitable containers (IBC containers) between
buffered and handed over to a disposal company for further treatment.

Transfer station: This will be after the treatment process
Drum unit/frame set down in the transfer station. There the goods are
Removed from drying and placed in a centrifugal desiccator or drying oven.

type designation:
condition: used
Dimensions 800 mm X 400 mm X 700 mm mm useful frame
Content 50 l Usable capacity drum

fluid transportation

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