article no.: 30015

545 Liter Rohrraum- ; 1020 Liter Mantelvolumen used heating condenser / heat exchanger / shell and tube heat exchanger



Manufacturer No. H4881
The heating condenser was put into operation in 2020 and is available at May 2023.

producer: APL
type designation: Heiko VDU BFU 600.5650-2
condition: used
Content 545 l Pipe chamber volume
Content 1020 l shell volume
Material – P355NH Tubesheet
Connections – Steam inlet DN 350
Pressure 25 bar Pipe chamber max.
Pressure 6 bar Shell space max.
Temperature 130 °C Pipe chamber max.
Temperature 200 °C Shell space max.
Length 7100 mm total
Width 1105 mm Tube bundle with connections
Diameter 800 mm Tube bunde without connections
Weight 4250 kg Empty weight

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