article no.: 30081

4500 m³/y H2O VACUDEST VAC 750 CC




-ClearCat ® (internal oil separation stage)

-Automatic CIP cleaning

-PC control

-Automatic foam control with defoamer pump

-Vibration monitoring vapor compressor

-Oil level monitoring vapor compressor

-Conductivity measurement distillate

-Alkaline DestControl® pH value monitoring in the distillate as well
Layer dosing to increase the pH value

-City water refill

producer: H2O
type designation: VACUDEST 750 CC
condition: used
Power 4500 m³ per year
Power 75 kW
Amperage 160 A
Hours of operation 41919 h Vacudest 03.04.23
Hours of operation 10875 h vapor compressor 03.04.23
Length 3400 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 3030 mm
Accessories Process water tank
Accessories Distillate tank
Accessories concentrate tank

enriching / concentration

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