article no.: 30123

4.8 m² used dewatering system in a container with 2 dewatering screens



The system consists of 2 filters and a polymer dosing station installed in a container. The system is completely piped and equipped with measurement technology.
Operation of the Filter: A pump introduce the slurry at the reception deposit, where the slurry goes down for gravity to the filtration zone.
The system incorporates automatic cleaning brushes that operates regulary for avoid that solids block up the mesh.

producer: Segales
type designation: RAM 300 J
condition: used
Gap width 650µm per sieve
Screening area 2.4 m² per sieve
Power 0.55 kW
Material Edelstahl stainless steel

Accessories polymer dissolving plant Aludos FP
Volume flow rate 40-80 l/h adjustable by frequency converter
Weight 5000 kg total
Length 6000 mm
Width 2430 mm
Height 2590 mm
Steering Siemens LOGO / Display TDE

enriching / concentration

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