article no.: 30173

3 mm used screen, clear spacing rake made of stainless steel for municipal waste water

HUBER Technology


Huber Rotamat RO9 as fine screen version and with EX-protection, spray nozzles and press zone flushing. The intended use of the RO9 is the separation of solids from wastewater, compaction and washing of the screenings. Application:- Wastewater treatment plants (municipal and industrial)

producer: HUBER Technology
type designation: Rotamat RO 9
condition: used
Gap width 3 mm
Miscellaneous 300 mm size
Material Edelstahl stainless steel
Length 5100 mm total
Engine 50 Hz Type: BS40-74
Accessories Press zone flushing
Miscellaneous without control
Protection rating 65 IP
Further information Ex protection
– Machine No.: 43989

sieving / sedimentation / filtration

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