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High pressure Reverseosmosis for leachate water treatment



The system consists essentially of the following components:
1 pc. Insulated 20 “container, which is not classified as” sea container “because of the attachments.
42 pcs. Rochem DT modules
2 pcs. High-pressure pumping stations with CAT piston pumps (each approx. 3-3.5 m³ / h output) (one module has not been used in recent years)
3 pcs. Grundfos booster pumps
1 pc. Candle prefilter
1 pc. Control AEG per module
1 pc. Mounting frame in the container, which is also designed as a drip tray.

The overall condition is satisfactory, but optically in a functional condition.

The modules are grouped into 4 groups, which are connected in a row in a concentration-controlled manner. In groups 2 to 4, the booster pumps are connected in the circuit for higher overflow.

ATTENTION: The pump on the grid and the modules are not (!) Included.

producer: ROCHEM
type designation:
condition: used
Power 3 m³/h flow capacity
– 80 % Permeatausbeute
Pressure 30 – 40 bar operating pressure
Pressure 65 bar pressure max.
Miscellaneous PALL-ROCHEM serial number from 2002: RO 1530-35-S

sieving / sedimentation / filtration

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