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Heizung 8 x 2,5 kW, 5 x Ultraschallschwinger 500-800W used automatic ultrasonic cleaning plant for coating processes/ system within a housing



The automatic system was last used for cleaning and drying spectacle lenses. The washing frames with the items to be cleaned are placed manually on the loading belt. The ultrasonic cleaning system is designed for a maximum batch weight of 15 kg. The unit is completely encapsulated. The system frame is made of stainless steel. Cladding of stainless steel 1.4301 in the lower area of the unit, sliding doors of safety glass in the upper area. The installation consists of 4 elements with a total of 15 stations and a control cabinet.
The system is stored dismantled.

producer: Elma
type designation: NA270/720/270/11-WLT3-2LRS1-OSZ
condition: used
Content 90 l Stainless steel pool Station 1-6 / 8-11
Dimensions 270mm x 720mm x 270mm mm L x W x liquid depth (stainless steel basin)
– Station 1 – Blocking with ultrasound at max. 75°C Medium: City water with on-site purifier
– Station 2 und 8 – immersion cleaning with ultrasound at max. 70°CMedium: City water with on-site purifier
– Station 3 und 9 – Rinsing with RO water – Medium : RO water from station 6 (up to 50°C max.)
– Station 4 und 5 – Immersion cleaning with ultrasound at 35°C Medium: 100% on-site cleaner
– Station 6 – Rinsing with RO water – RO water from station 9 at max. 50°C
– Station 7 Transfer station for empty transport racks during the return transport of the racks from the unloading position to the loading position of the system.
– Station 10 und 11 – Flushing with deionized water from chamber – Temperature max. 50°C
– Station 12 bis 14 – Drying with circulating air up to 120°C
Power 8 x 2500 W Heating capacity
Volume flow rate 2000 m³/h Approx. recirculation air volume
Further information – Info on ultrasound equipment
– 1 x 800 / 1 x 500 W Each chamber has its own generator. Chamber 1,2,4,5 and 7 / Chamber 9
– 1 x 800 / 600 W Ultrasonic transducer plates. Chamber 1,2,4,5 and 7 / Chamber 9
Further information – Fully automatic double transport robot system with pick-up device for the goods carriers with servo motors and incremental path detection.
Further information – The control cabinet contains all the necessary control, switching and operating elements. The SPS control of the system regulates and monitors all systems and transport functions, as well as ultrasound, temperature and filling level.
Dimensions L 9460mm (mit Beladebahn) / B 1700mm / H 2300 mm
– The US generators in chambers 1,2,4,5 and 7 (800 watts) multi-frequency 35/130 kHz, switchable, power adjustable
– Chamber 9 (500 watts) multi-frequency 35/130 kHz, switchable
– The batch size is max. 220 x 680 x 200 mm / product carrier
– Sink with oscillation device, 50 mm stroke, 15 strokes/min

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